Our environmental commitment


The high quality that distinguishes Dalmar’s products and services also emerges through the company’s day to day attention and decision making focused on safeguarding the environment and compliance with standards and certificates.

Dalmar SpA have started a process designed to substantially enhance our energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with improvements across all our buildings with more than 10,000 m2 of office and warehouse floor space. The company have been following the path of environmental sustainability for many years, investing heavily in the adoption of technological systems like solar panels, high efficiency insulation and shuttering, in addition to latest generation heating and air conditioning systems.

Solar power plant and reduced CO2 emissions.

The office is one of the places we spend most of our time, with high power consumption levels from electric machines and devices, ambient heating and cooling, as well as consuming large volumes of paper and ink. The installation of our solar power plant generating 123 kWp compensates at least part of this usage by producing renewable energy.

Covering ¾ of the surface area of the roof, the solar power plant generates 128,000 kWh of electrical power per year, providing Dalmar with 2/3 energy autonomy for company needs, and reducing annual CO2 emissions by 124,000 kg.

A safer and more pleasant work environment

Our investments towards environmental sustainability also positively improve the work environment and the quality of life of the staff. A thermal unit with two condensing boilers and new insulation materials have improved energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Dalmar have been offering state-of-the-art industrial solutions for over seventy-five years and have long since realized that protecting the environment is the best way to raise awareness and respect for our living planet.