Founded in 1949  by Professor Giuseppe Genovesi, Dalmar began its activity in the industrial piping segment with a small office in Milan, two employees and a a bicycle for deliveries. The enthusiasm and competence of this small team brought to a rapid growth, with the creation, in 1965, of the engineering company Dalmar Impianti and, in 1970, of Dalmar Impex, a company dedicated to the development of hydraulic utensils.
Over time, the product range grew enormously, and now includes synergical solutions for various industrial sectors.

The bicycle used in the beginning went a long way!

Today DALMAR is an Italian group with 75 employees and over 10.000 square metres of offices and warehouses that designs and supplies tailor-made solutions to companies the world over.

The entrepreneurial spirit that characterised the company since its foundation remained unaltered over the decades: Dalmar has kept up the same individual attention for its clients and the eye for detail that determined its success and that drive its growth to this very date.

We grew over the years, but the passion for our job did not change: we are always…


in identifying and finding the right products or made-to-measure solutions to satisfy your requirements effectively.


in our deliveries, thanks to the careful logistics management of our warehouse, equipped with a radiofrequency system with bar codes, and to the strong relationship with the most reliable and well-reputed companies in the industry.


in the processing of your orders and in preparing the goods, right up to completion.


thanks to the reassurances that we ask for and obtain from our suppliers, that bring about the quality guarantee we can offer you.


in our daily work just as in accepting new challenges that others consider impossible, so as to surprise you with solutions that maybe you were no longer hoping for.

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