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Dalmar, always “one step ahead” in offering cutting-edge solutions used in the industrial and automotive sectors, is proud to announce the introduction of the new AIMCO GEN IV control unit, designed and developed by AcraDyne, a company within the Aimco group.

GEN IV is not just lighter and easier to use than the previous version, but it is also compatible with over 300 types of utensils from 0.05 Nm to 8.100 Nm, with just one cable.
Up to now, reading data was only possible by inferring their values using appropriate software or by printing them directly. This process is simplified in the Gen IV unit, that uses software based on an ordinary web browser that allows connection of the controller to any computer, tablet or intelligent device, thereby enabling reception of data wherever you may be, without having to install special software. The control unit may be connected using an Ethernet connection , USB flash drive or wireless network.


CENTRALINA-AIMCO-g4052-dalmarThe new version definitely improves productivity and offers greater precision regarding data analysis, allowing users to cut down on work times, by means of the possibility of using more than one device at the same time. One device may be in programming mode, another may allow real time examination of tightening curves and at the same time the diagnostics instrument of a third device may be viewed. The control unit may store up to 10.000 reports of curves including graphs.

Fitted with a backlit LED screen and touch screen function, for an easier and faster reading of graphs, GEN IV is also characterised by a compact, light and NEW DESIGN that enables it to be moved and installed anywhere.

Following are the details of the unit’s technical characteristics

  • Multiple clamping strategies: 99 programs enabling insertion of 256 sets of parameters of 20 different types.
  • Backup and resetting available via USB or Ethernet
  • Removable memory card
  • Auto-sizing of the programmable system
  • Top cable exit option

Among other aspects which characterise GEN IV we could mention the networking abilities: data transmission compatible with PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, Modbus TPC and others upon request – bar code scanning and printing interface – multiple spindle synchronization

As Len Demchak, Vice President, Product technology and development, Aimco,  declared, “the GEN IV control unit represents one of the most complete systems in the industry worldwide”.

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