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The quality that distinguishes Dalmar’s offers and services goes through the daily commitment and business choices focusing on environment’s safety, legal regulation compliances and certifications.

Dalmar SpA undertook a path that aims to remarkably improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases, thanks to the improvements of the entire company that counts over 1000 sqm of offices and warehouses. Indeed, over the last decade, Dalmar is pursuing a grand path towards environmental sustainability, investing remarkable resources to adopt technological solutions such as photovoltaic panels, high-efficiency thermal insulation and last generation’s heating and cooling systems.

The office is one of the places in which we spend the majority of our time. It is also the place where there is a very high-energy consumption by using daily electrical equipments, air conditioning, paper and ink. The installation of the photovoltaic panels (that counts up to 123 kwp) aims to partially compensate the company’s energy consumption.

With a total coverage of ¾ of the roof, the photovoltaic installation is able to produce electric power up to 128000 kwh per year. It also permits to the company to be energy self-sufficient up to 2/3 of the total energy consumption. Such technologies allows the reduction of CO2 emissions of 124.000 Kg.
Investments pointing towards environmental sustainability, impacts positively also on workplaces’ livable-ness and employees’ quality of life. Indeed the thermal-unit with two condensation-boiler and the new thermal insulations improve energy efficiency and soundproof.

Dalmar, that is offering every day cutting-edge solutions for the industrial sector since over 65 years, knows well that environment protection is the best solution that it might be adopted towards an higher awareness and respect of the place in which we all live.

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