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A round figure for this year’s Expoconfort trade show and conference (MCE): in Milan, from the 15th to the 28th of March, 2016, the 40th edition of this very important event for the HVAC segment was held. The theme of this year’s show was  Global Comfort Technology. System integration, cutting-edge technologies, efficiency and savings were the main topics developed in the 4 areas of the show (heat, cold, water and energy).

Dalmar of course took part in this event; this historical company since 1949 has offered its experience to the industrial world, providing innovative solutions and a wide range of products that can satisfy every requirement. Dalmar’s solutions include vibration dampers, swivel joints, clamping systems, flexible pipes, measurement instruments and tools, and of course precision seals, that were in the limelight during this trade show.

Dalmar is well-known for its accurate selection of recommended brands, that only include the best from every segment: Hutchinson  is a perfect example in this respect, as this US-based company has been on the market for 160 years and its unquestioned capability of designing leak-proof solutions for all sectors allowed it to obtain a leading position in its segment. The range of standard Hutchinson seals includes O-Rings, circular rings in various materials, certified and fit for use in a vast range of applications, J4 seals with a four-lobed section ideal for alternate movement, BS seals for high-pressure uses. Washers specifically designed for the HVAC sector were also present at the  show (seals for controlled leakages and for renewable energies).

During the show Dalmar’s competent and friendly personnel was always ready to  describe all sorts of solutions to the visitors at the company’s stand; this was indeed a very interesting occasion for all HVAC professionals.

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