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After 55 years of history Dalmar Impianti renews its logo

Just like Dalmar SpA, Dalmar Impianti also renews its logo and let the market know it. Best wishes to our colleagues! Below the company’s official  communication. Let us start again with more energy to face the challenges of the future: the adoption of the new logo is the first step. The decision to renew our […]

Communication: Updated information about Covid-19, Coronavirus

In light of the difficult emergency circumstances due to the epidemiological situation of COVID19, the Dalmar Group has decided to take further special measures with the primary goal of safeguarding the health and physical integrity of all the employees. The operating activity of our facilities in Segrate will therefore be temporarily suspended from Monday, March […]

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The quality that distinguishes Dalmar’s offers and services goes through the daily commitment and business choices focusing on environment’s safety, legal regulation compliances and certifications. Dalmar SpA undertook a path that aims to remarkably improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases, thanks to the improvements of the entire company that counts over 1000 sqm of […]

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Dalmar has developped 10 days crono, the new fast delivery service. Dalmar and Hutchinson are happy to inform the developing of the new service named 10 days crono, which allow our clients to benefit of a very short lead time on their order. The new fast delivery service, stems from a common reflection between production […]

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Dalmar, always “one step ahead” in offering cutting-edge solutions used in the industrial and automotive sectors, is proud to announce the introduction of the new AIMCO GEN IV control unit, designed and developed by AcraDyne, a company within the Aimco group. ALL YOU NEED IN A SINGLE CONTROL UNIT GEN IV is not just lighter […]

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A round figure for this year’s Expoconfort trade show and conference (MCE): in Milan, from the 15th to the 28th of March, 2016, the 40th edition of this very important event for the HVAC segment was held. The theme of this year’s show was  Global Comfort Technology. System integration, cutting-edge technologies, efficiency and savings were […]

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Dalmar’s warehouses are now equipped with radio-frequency technology to identify, using bar codes, the items, their position and flow in the management of such logistic processes as  acceptance, stocking, picking, kitting and completion. Thanks to this innovative technology, logistics efficiency, that has always been one of Dalmar’s assets, improves further, to provide clients with an […]

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